We produce and sell a full range of fishing nets, trawl nets, gill nets, cast-net, and others. We believe in work well done and in identifying our customer’s needs, all our products are handmade by us at the highest quality standards.

Mission Vision


Our mission is to contribute to the success of our business partners, offering our customers products and services at a high quality standard, customized to the specific activity and individual needs.


The professionalism and the quality of our products are the main elements that we build this business up on. We added the desire to meet each persons need for developing a long term partnership.

The customers represent our partners and we keep in mind their needs and we create long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

To whom it may concern?

All amateurs and professional fisherman’s and companies which desire high quality and sustainable products, at fair prices.

We believe in work well done and in the involvement of identification for our customers needs.

PlasedePescuit.com team

We are well trained professional with over 10 years experience in making nets and therefore derivates: safetynets, agriculture nets, fishing nets (gillnets, trawl nets, and other fishing nets).