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Floating Vivi

Vivi features:

  • Material type – 100% polyamide PA 6 and PA 6.6 with knot;
  • Negative floatability;
  • Protection against ultraviolet (UV);
  • Nontoxic material;
  • Used at a wide range of temperature.

We offer to our customers a special net for floating vivi and solutions for arranging the fishing farms.

Breeding the fishes in floating vivi has earned the trust of aqua culturists in the last years. This is an intensive breeding system, used especially for fishery arrangements on watercourses but not exclusively. For producing the vivi we use a high quality polyamide net, imported from Japan.

There is no easy way of breeding fish and apparently this is originally from the way the fisherman were keeping the fish for a few days after they captured it. The specie and the size of the fish breed in vivie, the big density as well as several technical aspects, involves the use of a particular type of net.

The net is specially treated by us with a substance called “Catran”. This is fixed in the fiber of the polyamide thread and it stops the water to infiltrate, improves the resistance and increases the durability of the net with 30%.

Because we have a high variety of vivi we invite you to contact us for guiding you in choosing the type of net that you need.