We produce and sell a full range of fishing nets, trawl nets, gill nets, cast-net, and others. We believe in work well done and in identifying our customer’s needs, all our products are handmade by us at the highest quality standards.

Nylon fishing nets

Plase nailon

         1. Multi-monofilament nylon fishing nets

The quality and the features of the fishing nets made out of nylon multi-monofilament are superior to those made out of monofilament nylon and the resistance is amplified due to the twisting process of the threads.

  • High finesse;
  • High breakage resistance;
  • High elasticity ;
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • 0.12/ 0.15/ 0.20 mm – represents the thickness of the nylon filament;
  • x2”, „x3”, „x4”, „x5”, „x12” –  represents the number of the nylon filaments that is part of the thread composition.
  • 0.12xx3 –the thickness of the thread (3 filaments of twisted nylon, with thickness of 0.12 mm each)

         2. Multifilament nylon fishing nets “SILKY NET”

From a quality point of view this type of fishing net is classified in the premium category. It is produced in Japan by the biggest company worldwide. In this field there are a few companies that produce this type of net and it is highly appreciated by the fisherman’s. This type of fishing net is used in both sea fishing as well as in fresh water, rivers and lakes.

“SILKY NET 24 filaments” type

“SILKY NET 7 filaments“ type

Due to the high number of filaments which comes into the nylon thread composition, this type of net has a superior elasticity and resistance unlike any other type.

210/D/1 – is produced from one thread made from 24/7 minuscule filaments (1 x 24/7 filaments)

210/D/3 – is produced from three threads easily twisted, each 24/7 filaments (3 x 24/7 filaments)


Starting with August 2012, at all types of gillnets and trammel nets that we produce from now on, we replaced the lead caught on the rope with a new type of rope which has the lead integrated inside. This solution prevents the entanglement of the net.



We do not sell any type of monofilament  fishing nets, it’s forbidden to keep or sell these type of nets on the Romanian territory.