We produce and sell a full range of fishing nets, trawl nets, gill nets, cast-net, and others. We believe in work well done and in identifying our customer’s needs, all our products are handmade by us at the highest quality standards.

Fishing nets

  • postrovol

    Cast net

    Cast nets are small round nets with weights on the edges which are thrown by the fishers. The time in which the cast-net is made is relativity small and we want to offer you the exact model that you need …

  • navod

    Drag net

    The drag net is the biggest fishing equipment, conical in shape, designed to be towed in the sea or along the sea bottom, on large areas of water. We produce any type of drag nets …

  • setca

    Trammel net

    A trammel is a fishing net set vertically in the water with three layers. The primary net is the most important one, it’s also the one that catches the fish. This can be made from multifilament or nylon multi-monofilament fishing nets …

  • plava

    Gill net

    Gill nets are vertical panels of netting set in a straight line. It’s a simple mesh made out of one row of net. The fish is cached in the mesh of the net, it doesn’t get entangled like in trammel net.

  • Plase papusi poliamida

    Multifilament nets

    Multifilament nets is used in producing the fishing nets, in construction as safety net, and others. The polyamide thread from which the net is made it’s produced by a Japanese company, number one worldwide in this field …

  • Plase papusi nailon

    Nylon fishing nets

    From a quality point of view this type of fishing net is classified in the premium category. It is produced in Japan by the biggest company worldwide. In this field there are a few companies that produce this type of net and it is highly appreciated …

  • Vintir

    Fyke net

    Fyke net is a equipment with a cylindrical form, made on one end with a slot, an opening where the fish comes in. A wing or two are also attached with the role of guiding the fish inside …

  • Viviere plutitoare

    Floating vivi

    We offer to our customers a special net for vivi and solutions for arranging the fishing farms. Because we have a high variety of vivi we invite you to contact us for guiding you in choosing the type of net that you need …