We produce and sell a full range of fishing nets, trawl nets, gill nets, cast-net, and others. We believe in work well done and in identifying our customer’s needs, all our products are handmade by us at the highest quality standards.

Rope and twine

Franghii si ate

The thread is made by a Japanese company TORAY, number one worldwide in this area.

The material type, varies in thickness from 210/2/150 layers.

Characteristics of polyamide thread:

  • PA 6 and PA 6.6, polyamide;
  • Negative floatability;
  • Crystal structure;
  • Considerable resistance to breakage;
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion;
  • Specific density 1.14;
  • The rate of water absorption 1.3%

To manufacture nets we use polyamide fiber rope or polyester, twisted and also braided, with 12 mm – 14 mm diameter. High quality ropes, ultraviolet radiation resistance, forcibly breaking between 2500 kgf and 4000 kgf .

Twisted and braided rope from polypropylene, also highly resistant, is used to manufacture gillnets.

The ropes are 100% Romanian production, we have a direct contract with the producer, in this way we can offer you our best prices.