We produce and sell a full range of fishing nets, trawl nets, gill nets, cast-net, and others. We believe in work well done and in identifying our customer’s needs, all our products are handmade by us at the highest quality standards.

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  • Gillnet: length 50 m ,height 2 m, mesh size 50 mm ,wire thickness 210/3;
  • Nylon fishing nets: 4×0,15, mesh size 70 mm, height 100 eyes, length 100 m ;
  • Multifilament fishing nets: 210/6, mesh size 80 mm, height 100 eyes, length 200 m;
  • Cast net: height 2 m, mesh size 12 mm , weight 4 kg;
  • Drag net: length 300 m: height 5 m, mesh size 30 mm, wire thickness 210/24.

We will check the stock of the products and in a situation where a personalized order is desired we will communicate you the price according to all the specifications offered.

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